The aim of this post is to show you some of the best places to get married in Italy.

Thanks to its historic, architectural and natural richness, Italy is the perfect wedding destination to celebrate a fairy-like wedding and to live a dreamy honeymoon. It’s a country that boasts an infinite number of evocative sceneries, among which every bride and groom can choose for their favorite set: elegant or natural, cheap or expensive, mainstream or unknown, ancient or modern, just pick one: in Italy, you will find it.

This must not surprise. According to Vogue, to quote just one example, in the world there are at least 13 «stunning wedding venues» chosen by American celebrities that anyone can rent. You can find 4 out of 13 of these locations in Italy.  So, without further ado, let’s discover the best wedding venues in Italy.

01. Florence

Every wedding checklist of the best places to get married in Italy worth of that name must include Florence at least.

The city is the cradle of the Renaissance and hometown of some of the greatest artists in the history of humankind. By getting married in Florence, you don’t limit yourself to arrange a vintage marriage: you travel in time.

In Florence, you can choose among some of the greatest cathedrals in Italy (the Duomo of Santa Maria del Fiore is just the most famous) and stroll among ancient villas, palaces and gardens. Here, you can also take advantage of the local gastronomy, especially for what concerns wines.

02. Chianti (Tuscany)

Florence is the capital city of the Tuscany region, but it’s not the only local place where you can celebrate an unforgettable Italian wedding.

In fact, in less than one hour’s drive from the town, you will be surrounded by the wonders of the Chianti territory. Here is where you can celebrate your wedding if you like vineyards and olive grove landscapes, maybe eating in a picturesque osteria, with local food and home-made wines.

Among the variety of unique places you can choose to get married in Tuscany, don’t miss the opportunity to do it in a castle or villa refurbished for wedding purposes.

03. Venice

Ah, Venice: the city of love! And, of course, one of the most romantic places for getting married in Italy.

Just picture yourself, in your wedding dress, inside the sixteenth-century Palazzo Cavalli-Franchetti just next to the Grand Canal of the city. Now, stop picturing it because you can actually do that.

04. Amalfi Coast

Not so far from Capri (see point 7) you’ll find the splendid Amalfi Coast. A place where the scenery, food, wine, climate and hospitality come together at their best. After all, what is a destination wedding? How can a destination wedding be actually attractive?

Maybe, by simply gathering all the features listed above. From this point of view, the Amalfi Coast (and the charming town of Sorrento as well) has another plus: it’s the cheapest on this list.

05. Lake Como

About one hour’s drive from Lo Zerbo, the Lake Como area is located. To describe it with a few words, this is simply one of the most magnificent natural areas of Europe. Lake Como is one of the biggest in Italy, and not so long ago the Huffington Post referred to it as one of the most beautiful in the word.

If this is not enough, you will surely love the sight of the little villages scattered throughout the surrounding hills. Italy has so many places where you can set up an unforgettable wedding, but a Lake Como wedding will really be of a kind.

06. Rome

When it comes to Italian wedding venues, the eternal city cannot be ignored. A wedding inside one of its centuries-old churches or maybe in one of the villas located in the nearby hilly area, or even in the thermal sub-region next to Tivoli will give to your marriage that touch of exclusiveness that not everyone can afford.

07. Capri

Going to Capri on a honeymoon is one of the Italian wedding traditions, but this is a perfect place for a wedding as well. Capri is known as the “light blue island” (it. isola azzurra) and it is a gift of wonder that mother nature gave to humanity. A magic place that every invited guest will remember.

08. Sicily

Sicily is the biggest island in the Mediterranean sea and the one where you can find the highest active volcano in Europe (Mount Etna). Moreover, Sicily itself represents the history of merging cultures (European and Northern-African, Catholic and Islamic) and an iconic part of Italy to the eyes of the world.

It must not surprise that this is also one of the most-wanted destination weddings for foreign citizens. If you are planning to celebrate the most beautiful day of your life here, you must definitely consider the town of Taormina.

09. Central Italy

The central part of Italy is not one of the most famous outside the national border. For this very same reason, it can amaze like no other the tourists who had never been there. The regions of Umbria and Abruzzo, for example, count thousands of little villages in the middle of nowhere but surrounded by untouched nature and breathtaking landscapes.

This is the right destination wedding in Italy if you are looking for a typical Italian scenery, far away from the other overcrowded, mainstream locations.

10. Sardinia

Are you looking for a wedding destination in Italy where you can find white sandy beaches, international jet set stars and nice club to dance? Well, Sardinia is the right place for you. Along with a frenetic nightlife, the second biggest island of Italy promises you some of the most beautiful beaches of the whole Mediterranean area. On the other hand, in order to have a proper marriage in Sardinia, you have to be prepared to spare no expense.


The ones listed above are just some of the best places to get married in Italy. Of course, on this particular topic, we may be biased. But at Lo Zerbo we think that every single corner of Italy can be the perfect one to celebrate the most important day of your life in the way it deserves.

For your wedding, if you are looking for a luxury Italian wedding venue, you came to the right place. At Lo Zerbo you will find all you need for an Italian marriage full of style, class, and elegance.

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