The Porch

Outside the Villa you will find the Porch, feather in the cap of the building which defines and seals its unique style. It is indeed – but not exclusively – a place of passage: this porch is undoubtedly a central element of Lo Zerbo’s life and personality.

In fact, it is a masterful example of rationalist and Renaissance-inspired architecture which characterizes all of Portaluppi’s works. Geometries combine among them in an overall environmental vision which is characterized by charm and gracefulness.

The high columns create an airy and shady space, which is in a constant dialogue with the villa, the church, and the inner courtyard: a unicum which directs his gaze on everything that surrounds, leading the guests at the discovery of the entire complex. What we have here is architecture married with nature, in a refined gradation, embellished by thousands of nuances.

The Porch can be the ideal zone in where to set up every kind of event.

The essential lines and the outstanding surrounding area’s development put no limits to creativity. Each idea that comes into your mind can be realized and customized for your wedding. Is there anything more romantic than strolling as newlyweds, hand by hand, along with an idyllic porch such as this one?

Feel free to choose your favorite to drapes, candles, floral ornaments or even an original combination of decorative complements, which will make the Porch a magic location that will be the perfect setting for your special events or your corporate meetings.

Lo Zerbo’s Porch is indeed an angle of Eden where it is possible to enjoy the magic of an evocative landscape, as well as a multifunctional, flexible area which puts the guest and his wishes at the center of the universe.

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