If you are setting up the best day of your life, the “Italian wedding venues” line will be for sure in your wedding checklist. Certainly, you have already noticed that the destinations for weddings in Italy are so many and so different from each other. After all, this is a preliminary but compulsory step: you can give up a classic wedding dress, the party favors, the religious ceremony, but you can’t get married without a place that makes the wedding of your dreams real.

It is important to underline the importance of choosing the perfect location for your wedding before anything else, because everything will be related to it, from decorations to clothing.

You may already have in mind the style of the ceremony: modern or country? Outdoors or in an elegant villa atmosphere? Traditional or original? Well, these options must be in harmony with the place where the marriage will take place, which is why we are talking about a crucial choice.

When it comes to weddings, Lombardy is one of the most refined and sought-after regions of Italy. Milan, one of the European fashion centers is its capital; close to the evocative area of Lake Como, a wedding can be turned into a real-life dream.

1 – Consulting a wedding planner in Italy: a wise choice

Consulting a wedding planner is slowly becoming one of the Italian wedding traditions; in this way, setting up a wedding is funnier and more challenging. More and more couples decide to rely on specialized consultants, and we also embrace this suggestion. Especially with regard to the Lombardy wedding venues, choosing a wedding planner in Italy can result in a decisive help in assessing the capacity of the place, its potential, and to what extent it can be customized. A professional figure has a vision in a more complete projection than those not involved in the sector.

A wedding planner can also provide you with valuable information about the chance of setting up areas for post-meal entertainment, such as a dance floor, in the places you are evaluating. Another aspect concerns the choice of a wedding photographer according to the kind of environment where the wedding will take place. Of course, an outdoor wedding ensures more romantic views, but as we will see later, the importance of being able to move indoors should not be underestimated. These and other tips & tricks can be provided to you thanks to the expertise of a wedding planner.

2 – Choose open and flexible spaces

Regardless of the season in which you set the wedding date, weather will be unforeseeable. For this reason, it is good to opt for locations for outdoor weddings that include indoor facilities that can be used in case of rain.

Another suggestion concerns the flexibility of the spaces. Based on the number of guests, a precise layout of the tables will be needed; the same applies to decorations and arrangements. It is likely that some guests will confirm their participation at the last moment, and maybe after you have already booked the location for getting married in Italy. For this reason, it is very important to play in advance and to aim for airy places, with functional geometries and multiple settings, able to handle any unexpected event.

3 – Take care of your guests

Marriage is the day of the bride and the groom (mainly of the bride…); no doubts about this. However, putting special attention to your guests will ensure that everyone will take part in the event with joy, making it even more impressive and unforgettable.

First of all, try to draw up the guest list in time. It may seem trivial, but many couples do not ask for confirmation and underestimate those guests who would like to bring their relatives with them. Having an exact or even an approximate guests number is very useful to find the right Italian wedding venue to contain them all and avoid the emptiness or, on the contrary, overcrowding effect.

Furthermore, this will help you to maximize your budget, since many costs, and not just those related to catering, are directly proportional to the number of guests.

Finally, remember that if you prefer out-of-town locations – or some of your guests come from far away – you will need to be sure that there is a hosting facility in the nearby that can guarantee maximum comfort. For example, a location for weddings in Lombardy, outside of the chaotic Milan but near to the wedding venues in the Lake Como area, must be quickly and easily reachable from a hotel or B&B. In this way, your guests will be able to rest after the wedding party and get back on the road the next day without feeling tired. We guarantee that these are simple, still well appreciated, precautions to take into account.

4 – Ceremony and celebration in one place

Getting married in Italy, next to Milan but far away from the stress of the metropolis, will guarantee you to enjoy the silence and the breathtaking views of the province landscape in a luxury wedding venue. If you choose Lombardy for your big day, you’ll have a variety of choices of fabulous natural places, but you will have to carefully choose a location that brings together both the ritual and the celebration moments.

This is necessary for one reason mainly: making changes of position easier. As we have highlighted above, involving guests, ensuring their comfort, preventing them from spending more time driving than at your wedding, are essential precautions for the wedding day in order to be unforgettable for everyone.

Try to choose wedding venues with well-kept parks and gardens that offer the right amount of spaces for ceremonies and refreshments. In this way, you will have more time to enjoy the party, take pictures and videos, and carry with you forever the indelible memory of a magical location.

5 – Consider all-inclusive options

For your wedding, you will have to consider an infinite number of things. Start with making your life easier.

Choose a location for weddings in Lombardy that offers as many services as possible. Just to quote few: the ritual chapel, a garden to be used as a photographic set, a crew that can handle catering and photographers for you.

We could call this an all-inclusive formula and, even if at the beginning you might think it’s more expensive, actually these packages will make you save a lot of time and money. The process of planning your wedding will be a piece of cake!

Lo Zerbo: the perfect luxury wedding location in Lombardy

Lo Zerbo is the perfect wedding location that brings together all the main features that we have previously listed: it’s located a stone’s throw from Milan, it is easily accessible from any part of Northern Italy, and at the same time it’s surrounded by the fairytale atmosphere of the Ticino Park, not so far from the Lake Como area.

If you want to rent a wedding location in Italy, Lo Zerbo is the ideal place to celebrate the best day of your life. We can help you to set up an American-style or Italian themed wedding, or maybe just and symbolic rite in our splendid Park, whose Tensile Structure can host refreshments and become a ballroom if necessary.

More value is added to the entire location by the Villa and the Porch, magnificent backgrounds for your wedding photos and informal standing buffets.

Lo Zerbo, in the heart of Lombardy region, is a luxury wedding venue that puts at your disposal all everything you need to organize your perfect Italian wedding.

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