Organize your Italian wedding can be an extremely fun activity if you have a proper wedding checklist: choosing a location set-up, dresses, announcement cards means that your future is slowly taking shape. The details to think about are a lot so, despite the invaluable help of apps and organizers designed to set up the perfect wedding, the risk of forgetting or underestimating something is always around the corner.

For this reason, we have drafted the ultimate wedding checklist, a list of 10 tips that will be useful to understand how getting married in Italy and how to live the best day of your life as you’ve always dreamed of.

01. The choice of a location: Italian wedding venues

Among the hundreds of Italian wedding venues you can choose, finding the right one is of crucial importance. At least for two reasons. First, you can get ideas and suggestions for decorations, stands and for the wedding theme by starting from the place where you intend to celebrate your marriage. Second, you should also choose the venue by taking into account the ease for your guests to reach the place: it will create higher sharing during the ceremony and refreshments.
From this point of view, the complex of Lo Zerbo is configured as an ideal location for a luxury wedding in Italy: surrounded by a picturesque natural environment inside the Ticino Natural Reserve, the property is located just one hour’s drive from Milan. From here, you can easily reach the Brianza and Lake Como area.

02. The wedding theme

This second step is as important as the first one. In fact, from the wedding theme a lot of things will depend: announcements, your dress, your bouquet just to quote a few. In short, you need to find that common thread that links space and time. You can opt for a color, such as pastel shades if you want a tactful, delicate and romantic wedding. Red and blue are very common choices too.
Alternatively, “topics” are quite a thing right now: the Twenties or the Fifties, Disney, music or traveling theme. More: shabby chic or green & blossom are just a few ideas among the most popular. Set your imagination free and do not be afraid to dare!

03. Wedding dress and hairstyle

Let’s now skip to every bride’s favorite moment: choosing a wedding dress. The groom arguably will spend 10 minutes of his time to choose his dress; for hers, it could take weeks. Here’s a fundamental advice: do not daydream in front of every mannequin; evaluates what really adds value and enhances your natural beauty instead. The perfect wedding dress is the one that makes you feel at ease.
For what concerns the wedding hairstyle, it must be evaluated depending on the hair length. If your haircut is short, do not worry: in recent years fashion stylists have provided wonderful wedding hairstyles for short hair; a jaunty touch will be given by flowers, or a more elegant clip with rhinestones or stones will make you look gorgeous.

04. The ceremony

The is a central part of the day, the more exciting one for sure. The options are more than you think, and a religious function it’s not compulsory. If you are not looking for Italian wedding traditions, you’ll be happy to know that the American-style wedding is getting quite popular in Italy. This allows ample room for maneuver, starting from the place: it can be both a park or a garden. Another advantage of this kind of ceremony is the chance to set up a customized wedding. For example, you can have moments of collective participation, choose the officiant and even write your personal wedding vows by yourself.
If your dream is getting married in a Catholic church in Italy, our complex includes the sanctuary of Our Lady of Zerbo; ideal for blessings with an external priest and symbolic ceremonies, a precious architectonic gem that will add solemnity and depth to your wedding.

05. Gifts for best men and maids of honor

One of the most typical Italian wedding traditions is to give a gift to best men and maids of honor. Sadly, this is a step that is often forgotten. We suggest to ban ideas like picture frames, ornaments, watches, and classic pens. More elegant it would be a vintage bottle of wine for him or a jewel for her, but why not daring more?
Lo Zerbo offers to its guests four Rooms, all equipped with classic furniture and all with a private bath. Give your witnesses an overnight stay in our beautiful Villa: a romantic and relaxing night, after which they will wake up with the splendid view of the inner rose garden courtyard. The next morning a delicious breakfast will be served to them in the study/library room.

06. Eternalize memories, make them last forever

For your wedding rely on a professional photographer. Never ask your friends to take pictures: the reportage of your wedding deserves high quality, unique shots. By relying on entrusted professionals, Lo Zerbo’s staff can find photographers and video makers for you.
Moreover, lo Zerbo’s park, with its lush garden and lovely portico, will be the perfect location for your artistic outdoor photos, the ones that you’ll keep forever in your wedding album.

07. Refreshments

We won’t say a word about choosing a meat or fish-based menu since we believe it should be a choice based on your taste solely.
But we want to emphasize a point that is often overlooked. Get info about any food intolerances, allergies or vegetarian preferences of your guests; in this way, you can plan personalized menus.
Among its other services, Lo Zerbo offers catering. You can set your refreshments outdoor among the green of the park, or under the tensile structure. A standing buffet will be particularly appreciated in the elegant areas of the Villa.

08. Add a personal touch

It is important that your wedding will be the mirror of your tastes; if not, the risk is to organize a theoretically perfect wedding according to etiquette, but that will lack uniqueness. And nobody wants its wedding to be just a series of clichés.
Lo Zerbo’s staff will help you to customize the location. This is possible because the wide open spaces, the magical corners of the Villa and the whole park are suitable for many different set-up solutions. Candles, drapes, flowers, and buffet, not to mention the chance to create original placeholders or welcome bags for your guests. There’s no limit to customization.

09. Honeymoon

If you get marry in Summer, say from May to September, we recommend you to book your honeymoon at least six months in advance. This is even more important if the destination you have chosen is a golden tropical beach.
Another tip: rely on agencies. DIY could mean bad, unexpected last-minute surprises. Instead, a professional who works in the tourism environment will be able to suggest you the best facilities for a honeymoon and provide any other advice worth of interest. As an example, the mandatory vaccines and currency exchange rates.

10. Wedding checklist: last but not least…

Have fun and enjoy every moment! Yes, the focal point is that your wedding is your day and no one else’s. Do not get stuck in traditions you don’t like or that make you feel anxious just because other people think that’s the way to do it. Even the most traditional of weddings deserves a moment of fun: it may be karaoke, live music, DJ set. It’s very important to include an informal moment that will help your guests to feel more comfortable with each other.
For this purpose, the Tensile Structure of Lo Zerbo will work perfectly. It’s an airy and cozy environment that can be used both for as refreshment area and dancefloor, surrounded by the magic of the park.

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