The moment of choosing wedding decorations is one the most amusing part when you are setting up your wedding; it’s that moment when you can unleash your imagination and give a shape to what you have always dreamed about.

This is particularly true if you are getting married in Italy, where an Italian themed wedding means an elegant ceremony that must show some classy taste. Consequently, the wedding setup will require special care and attention. Of course, you will have to choose a theme first, so as to prepare the most appropriate decorations according to it.

Wedding checklist, step 1: church decorations

Organizing in detail the scenario that will be the backdrop of the whole ceremony is fundamental if you want to live a unique and unforgettable wedding day. This applies especially if you are getting married in a Catholic church in Italy.

But wherever your wedding is taking place, it is important that you and the floral designer will adapt the floral arrangements to the style of the structure, so as to recreate a harmonious ensemble. Light-color flower bouquets will work perfectly, especially inside old churches that are often not very bright. White carpets with scattered petals is a good idea too.

Country churches are also particularly suggestive and simpler to decorate; their modest dimensions will create a more romantic and intimate wedding setting. In this case, you can add baskets and bales of hay on the outside, candles and glass jars of different colors. Do not forget the old-style wooden ring bearer.

Shabby chic style wedding decorations

Though it’s not very common to see it during an Italian wedding, the shabby chic style appears to be very popular worldwide both in design and furniture. Since a couple of years, wedding decorations seem to follow the trend. It is a reinterpretation, with a touch of glamour, of vintage furniture. Dominant colors are white and ivory, associated with pastel, dusty and desaturated shades.

For the lovers of this style, halfway between Swedish and Provençal, possible combinations for the setting up of the wedding day are really endless. If the after-party happens during the evening and outdoors, for example, you can opt for candle holders and lanterns in wrought iron, decorated with cotton ribbons and flowers. The setting of a park or garden can be perfectly combined with this wonderful style.

Another suggestion is about decorations for tables and chairs. For the former, you can opt for backsplashes, tin cans with retro designs, placeholders and flower vases in fine porcelain. For the latter, you can indulge with bows and cushions that reflect the main theme color you’ve chosen.

Wedding villas in Italy: a wedding in the garden

Setting up a wedding in the garden, maybe in one of the best Italian wedding venues, is the most evocative choice, both for the reception and for the ceremony. If you are planning an American-style wedding or just a symbolic ritual, a green frame will certainly make your moment even more special.

The decorations of the open spaces put no limits to creativity and imagination. This allows you to create original mixes of different styles. You can opt for furniture and ornaments in wood, aluminum, flower arrangements, special frames, wicker chairs for a country touch. Alternatively, you can go for a DIY style. If you enjoy bricolage, you can’t miss the chance to give a personal touch to your wedding.

Need some ideas? For example, you can create placeholders showing the names of the guests by using a rustic craft paper, ears of wheat and a bit of string, for an effective mise en place.

Setting up the hall

Nobody says that a closed place is less magical or poetic than a garden and, after all, one must consider that even during summer the weather may not be good. This is why it is good to be prepared, and this requires an adequate set up of the internal hall.

First, let’s start from the point that every proper luxury wedding venue should make an internal hall available for the spouses. That being said, let’s see how to decorate it. In this case, as we said for the church decorations, it is necessary to take into account the surrounding style of furniture. Nobody likes to see mismatching solutions. For example, historic houses or villas will require traditional decorations, with luxurious centerpieces and vintage candelabra. These will be the “main characters” of the table. Better to opt for a few, well-chosen pieces, in order to avoid the overload of the environment.

This kind of locations are the perfect ones for themed weddings. Not only Italian themed weddings, but also the roaring 20s. The latter is very trendy now, manly thanks to the renewed success of The Great Gatsby. Green light to: feathers, pearls, laces; decorations in gold, ivory, and black. The cherry on top of it? Maybe some vintage objects like a typewriter or an inkwell and a nib to be placed next to the guest book.

Cake decorations: some tasty ideas

Today, cake decorations have become a must-see for every event. Thanks to the ever-growing expertise of pastry chefs, cakes are now a delicious piece of art; wedding cakes make no exception.

To seal a traditional wedding, an evergreen is the classic multi-layered Mariage Cake. Of course, it can be reinvented in a more modern and unusual way with some decorations on top of it. You could buy funny cake toppers, but it is also possible to request personalized ones. For example: caricatures of the spouses. If the wedding has a vintage soul, we recommend floral decorations in sugar paste and some ribbons, in relief and painted.

It’s even simpler to decorate a so-called “naked cake”; i.e. one of those with a filling visible from the outside. It takes very little: some berries and voila, a passe-partout suitable for every palate.

If you want to leave your guests speechless, you’ll be spoiled for choice; among the favorites of the moment, we have the “metallic cakes”, adorned with metallic glazes (edible metal, of course!).

Why choose Lo Zerbo

Lo Zerbo, a luxury destination for weddings in Lombardy, offers you splendid corners of great beauty, perfect for any type of wedding arrangement. Perfect for celebrations of symbolic rituals, refreshments, and wedding parties, our facility includes a wonderful garden, ideal venue for photo shoots. If you dream of a romantic wedding, under the shade of the trees and surrounded by a quiet nature, Lo Zerbo can make your wishes come true.

By getting married in Italy, so close to the famous Italian lakes, your wedding will be unique. Lo Zerbo is quickly reachable from all of Lombardy and eastern Piedmont. It’s an evocative wedding location in Lombardy, in the province of Milan.

The complex provides all the spaces you need to prepare the wedding decorations as you’ve always pictured them in your mind. Starting from the Tensile structure, which can accommodate up to 200 seated guests. Then the Park, where you can organize your personalized ceremony and share the emotions of the wedding with your invited guests.

The staff of Lo Zerbo is available for every kind of request and for helping you to set up the wedding of your dreams. Professionalism is our motto, helping you to live a fairy-like wedding, our mission.

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