The Tensile structure

The internal courtyard hosts the Tensile Structure, a delightful gazebo which accommodates up to 200 seating places. It is located in the quiet garden, where its lines open to the viewer after the suggestive entrance from the porch. The colonnade puts the tensile structure in immediate harmony with the 12 acres park, the church, and the villa so that the whole complex is combined in a purely harmonic continuum.

The Tensile structure’s regular and geometric shapes allow the organizers to choose among multiple table arrangements; it is therefore flexible for a fancy wedding (or other religious ceremonies), but it meets the needs of business meetings as well.

It is also an ideal space for dance. It can be set up as an area for informal entertainment for your guests, and that will transform any special event in a unique and unforgettable one. Thanks to its versatility and vivacity, the tensile structure is actually the beating heart of the complex

The embrace of the beams and the protection guaranteed by the upper tarp will give to any host an immediate feeling of warmth and well-being, leaving them in cradling aura of peace. This will certainly be a well-wishing symbol also for the newlyweds who have just started their journey together.

The chance to customize it will make the location even more welcoming and elegant: a niche in which to breathe joyful and familiar atmospheres, embellished with floral ornaments, drapes, and lights. The Tensile Structure’s modern lines find their completeness charm of the surrounding vegetation which it is immersed. An eclectic balance between human’s artwork and natural perfection.

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