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Exclusive location for weddings, events, movie sets in Italy

If you’re looking for the perfect location for weddings in Italy, thanks to Lo Zerbo you are now at the end of your research.

In our comprehensive complex, you can arrange the most magical of weddings. A splendid eighteenth-century church will transform your most important day in a fable; while guests will entertain themselves in the manor park inside the property’s walls.

Thanks to its strategic location, Lo Zerbo is also an ideal location for events in Italy of different kind. Conferences, business meetings, and receptions, just to name few. If you need it, we can provide additional services thanks to our selected suppliers.

Last but not least, the heterogeneity of the natural environment that characterizes the whole area and the elegance of the various structures located inside the complex, make Lo Zerbo as the optimal location for photo shoots, commercials, movies, and fiction filming.

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