Set and Shooting

Who works in entertainment perfectly knows the importance of the environment in which they are shooting. Often, even the greatest photographers and filmmakers in the world often don’t pick up the camera until they found the perfect location where to shoot.

As a matter of fact, some movies are now more remembered for places where the shooting took place than for the content of the movie itself. Consider, for example, the value that the Royal Palace of Caserta added to the second trilogy of the famous Star Wars saga. Or even the charm of Rocca Calascio, a stronghold in the region of Abruzzi that even today is considered the most iconic element of the Lady Hawk movie.

An internal space adequately furnished and customizable, or an external large, airy and well-lit location are often not so easy to find. And they are not easy to find especially if you need both of these requirements in the same spot. In this context, Lo Zerbo provides photographers and filmmakers exactly what they need.

Photographic shot location in Italy. At Lo Zerbo, privacy and completeness

In the heart of the Ticino Natural Reserve, Lo Zerbo’s complex is the ideal scenery for every kind of photo shoot or movie shooting. The entire area is quiet and private, therefore there will be no risks of unpleasant interruption from curious or intruders.

The park covers an area of 12 acres and has a remarkable variety of plants and vegetables. This guarantees a certain shooting heterogeneity, as well as the possibility to count on a wide range of natural shadows and lights.

If you are looking for a location for photographic sets in Italy where working in complete tranquillity, you will appreciate the fact that we are less than an hour’s drive from Lombardy capital city, Milan. It is also minimum the distance that separates us from other major northern cities, such as Vercelli, Novara, Alessandria, and Pavia.

Last but not least, the eighteenth-century church and the luxurious villa designed by the architect Piero Portaluppi constitute the touch of class for a shooting location which is truly 100% fully-equipped. The first, for example, can be used to immortalize Catholic rites of different nature. The villa, on the other hand, can have a dual function. It is firstly a perfect spot if you need to make a movie in northern Italy.

Second, the villa has, in fact, four bedrooms with bathroom, in which staff and actors can rest. What we have here is an architectural gem, a unique piece of its kind; a true work of art on foundations that will contribute to make every photo and every shot more precious and memorable. All the interiors show quality furniture and luxurious finishes, while the vast spaces and the nearby rose garden will ensure bright shots in a fairy-tail aura.

The ideal place for movies, Tv shows, and commercials set Italy

The cardinal points, here at Lo Zerbo complex, are placed in relation to each other by an elegant porch. This is an added value, especially for the eyes of those who love perspectives and shooting long-take scenes.

Due to its natural morphology, which rests in harmony with man’s intervention, Lo Zerbo is the best option that anybody looking for a luxury location for a photo shoot in Italy could ask. The perfect place for the realization of a TV commercial, a movie, a fiction or a photo shoot.

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