The Surroundings

Part of the added value of an event location is given the area in which the property is located. 

This is even truer if the place has the concept of style and elegance as its main priorities, as in the case of Lo Zerbo.

All roads lead to… Lo Zerbo

From this point of view, Lo Zerbo can boast a privileged position. Among the fascinating glimpses of lower Lombardy, the complex is just a half hour’s drive from Pavia. About an hour’s drive is required to reach us from Vercelli, Novara and Alessandria. Leaving from the center of Milan, we are reachable in less than an hour.

Its position makes Lo Zerbo one of the few strategic locations in Nothern Italy. In fact, we can quickly be reached from four provincial capitals (Pavia, Vercelli, Novara, Alessandria) and one regional capital (Milan). This is crucial when you have to set up a wedding, a conference or any other event requiring guests to move from one place to another. No one wants to spend half of the day in the car, and we are aware of that.

For this reason, once your guests have reached Lo Zerbo, they won’t have to worry about anything anymore. We can provide a complete hosting service, including catering, dinner and/or lunch in our tensile structure, and a number of additional different services thanks to our external suppliers.

To see how to reach us, please visit the Contacts area.

The Ticino Natural Reserve

If we talk of added values, we must speak of the natural wonders that surround the complex. Just two kilometers far from the picturesque village of Besate, Lo Zerbo surrounded by the Ticino Natural Reserve (Parco del Ticino). Not a simple one: it is the first Italian natural reserve for the date of establishment (1974). The very existence of the reserve has helped to keep the precious environment untouched. And for this reason, in 2002 the Ticino valley has been appointed by UNESCO with the prestigious title of “Biosphere Reserve“.

The reserve is easily accessible from the spaces of Lo Zerbo, and today is a real paradise for hikers. In fact, it counts nearly 800 kilometers of trails. About one hundred of these runs along the Navigli, Milan’s and Lombardy’s famous canals. The most famous among the tracks is the so-called “E1 path”. It connects the polar areas of Norway to the Mediterranean ones of Sicily. E1 track is accessible both by foot and by bike, in an ideal link that connects the Alps to the Apennines.

Brianza and Lake Como at hand

The ones who are looking for extra adventures can drive in less than an hour to Brianza, and from here to the area of the beautiful Italian subalpine lakes. The left side of Lake Como, for example, is reachable in 59 minutes by car. Here you can admire the magnificent villas of celebrities sprinkled on the shores of the lake that the Huffington Post in 2014 has declared to be “the most beautiful in the world.”

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